Who we are

Vionesia, a company that embraces enthusiast talent from computer scientists to particular industry professionals that are keen to make a difference. Most of our talents has been worked in the information technology and industry for more than a decade.

As an organization, we apply our skillsets and knowledge to bring to our customers. Our comprehensive past experience and understanding on core industry challenge has made us to formulate innovative solution and services.

Our Core Cultural Values

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help and leverage organization and people whom we engage with through experience and knowledge we’ve acquire from our talents and professionals. It We do this from the beginning from hiring to deploy our resources as part of the culture.

Honest & Respect

We value honesty as part of our professional practice. From the beginning of our engagement to decision making starts from sincere and honest communication. Above all respect of people and culture, regardless what has been our true color.

Team Player

When we set out to hire and recruit, we always tend to seek the best talent in the market. Though we do not undermine the capability of our talents to work as a team, team player and treat our customers as a team.

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